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Dump Windows
Run Any Linux
Free/NetBSD or MacOS
(MacOS is BSD with a Cocoa Desktop)

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New Firefox!

Support Open Source
Software & Hardware

Support the Disabled
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Disabled American Veterans

Former Site of Rural PC

(Retired) Computer Professionals

We Have Ceased Operations Due To Visual Disability

Operating Systems Support: Linux, Free/NetBSD, Android
Haiku, MacOS/iOS, Windows, IcarOS, FreeDOS, FreeRTOS

Complete Cat5/6 Wiring Plant Installation & Certification
Powerful, High Quality, Custom-Built Servers & Workstations
Low-Energy Embedded Single-Board Computers & MicroControllers
Systems specifically designed for your unique application needs

Although I am retired & absolutely loving it, I miss helping others navigate the often confusing maze that technology has laid before us. I still offer consultation on most any computing device, from Servers & PCs to the tiny IoT (Internet of Things) embedded systems. And, no matter the nature of your problem, we will help you discover that hidden genius of an Engineer, so deeply abiding within yourself. It really can be so much fun to learn new things! Test your unrealized potential! Just email me! That struggle need not be yours alone!

Contact Name: Pamela Chase-Holton
Mailing Adress: 200 Old River Rd, Apt 8
Lincoln RI 02865-1136
Contact Phone: (978) 766-7856
*** NOTE *** Email is given below phonetically to avoid web harvester bots
* All * Email: techsupport at ruralpc dot net

Education & technicalreference are vital assets in our rapidly advancing technical world. We urge you to become a lifetime student & continue to self-educate with the many free resources available online. We have long supported our Public Library Systems, Wikipedia, and the many Free & Open Source Projects for hardware, software, and documentation. Please investigate the True Democracy in Action, being fostered Worldwide. Freedom of thought and education are at the very root of every other concept of freedom. Get involved with your local library, Public Education System & your local Linux User Groups. Support the FREE and OPEN-SOURCE movements. Check to see if there is a local Makerspace or Hackerspace. Self-reliance is a very valuable tool!

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